High Blood Pressure & Common Sense Tips

High Blood Pressure is a common ailment of Americans growing older who have had stressful jobs and who have partaken of the Standard American Diet. This is commonly referred to as the SAD diet. If you remember the Food Pyramid of yesteryear or the later version of MY Plate, you’ll notice that there is a lack of discernment in choosing which foods to eat. Most Americans eat far too many processed foods. I agree that adding preservatives to “food” or “food like substances,” are a good idea if it allows you to reach the goal of “feeding the world.” My son was involved in a USDA Food Project distributing food north of the Arctic Circle in Siberia. It’s a great cause and amazing that we can fill the tummies of the world from the American breadbasket.

For those who are holistically minded, what’s important is to “eat real food, not too much and mostly plants.”  This is a quote from Michael Pollan, the famous Food Writer of the New York Times.

When the arteries become narrowed by a buildup of plaque, high blood pressure is a result. Arteries can also be squeezed by the increase in stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Some of us live in a state of constant stress. People have been known to go to sleep stressed and wake up tired.  You may have heard of the fight or flight response which is controlled by the nervous system. It’s a built-in mechanism that is practical from a survival standpoint. We are programmed to ensure survival. Fight or flight has worked for millennia to help our species to survive. In the modern world we are not fighting and fleeing from everyday challenges, so the result in today’s world is “anger and fear.”

If you find yourself in a state of frustration, anger, fear or worry, then it’s possible you may be self sabotaging your own health. Practical self-care is the antidote. It’s good to have a morning practice of checking in to set yourself up for success each day. If you fill up your cup to overflowing, then you have grace and benefits to pass on to others. If stress is an issue know that there are many coping mechanisms to alleviate stress. Chief among them is yoga and meditation or prayer. Youtube is filled with guided meditations and calming soothing music to suit the taste of a broad range of people.

Your doctor may have told you to lay off the salt if hypertension is an issue. What they don’t tell you is that the processed food you may be eating has soooooo much salt, it’s not even funny. If you can eat real food, not canned or processed stuff then you can salt your food to taste.

And naturally, I’d be failing at my job if I didn’t tell you about two supplements that can go a long way in the prevention of hypertension department. True Omega-3 is a high potency anti-inflammatory that can moderately lower blood pressure. True Omega-3 is a staple of our holistic health practice. If taken daily, it will go far in preventing hypertension issues. There are many options to choose from. And we also have a specific Blood Pressure formula for as low as 19.99. Supplements can be shortcuts to getting nutritional needs you may be missing from your diet.

Further insights into supplements you may want to investigate:

  1. CoQ10 – aids the production of ATP needed for muscle energy.
  2. Cocoa– 2-3 Tbsp raw cacao or unsweetened cocoa powder (excellent in a protein shake or

whipped with coconut milk and stevia for healthy “hot cocoa”)

  1. Magnesium – to be in balance with the appropriate amount of Vitamin D3.
  2. Potassium – You can get potassium from small changes in diet. Ensure potassium: sodium intake ratio is at least 3:1
  3. Omega-3s – as above
  4. Address any insulin resistance assertively –e.g. low-glycemic diet
  5. Vitamin C – 500mg twice daily
  6. Sufficient protein – if necessary, supplement with ~30g high-quality whey or other protein

powder, especially for vegetarian or vegan clients. Aim for 1-1.5g protein per kg body weight

daily (e.g. 130lb woman with hypertension needs 55-80g complete protein daily to ensure
adequate levels of key amino acids)
To reverse arterial plaque

  1. Vitamin K, as above
  2. Omega3s in fish or algae oil, as above
  3. Aged garlic, 800-1200mg/day e.g. Kyolic Cardiovascular formula

Call 877-572-3444 if you have any questions or need help ordering. Today’s coupon: PAPA

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Garey Simmons

PS Not so easy but very doable: Intermittent fasting yields tremendous benefits to balancing all blood lipid markers as well as reducing hypertension. Why? If you limit eating to 8 hours a day and fasting for 16 hours, you are limiting insulin production. You will lose weight. I lost 30 lbs this past year and have never seen such good lab reports. So I speak from experience! Hey, if I can do it, and you feel that its a good idea, then you can do it too. I even have an article on it.

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