Food Fix – The Cure for All Human Conditions

That is not really the subtitle of the book, it’s just my impression of it.
The real subtitle is “How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and our Planet –One Bite at a Time!”

It’s brilliantly researched. It will inform and improve the lives of every reader. I hope every politician reads it. 

I met Dr. Mark Hyman (Cleveland Clinic) at a lecture in Baltimore some years back and he’s been one of my functional medicine heroes for a long time. Dr Hyman along with Dr Amen, put together a health program for Pastor Rick Warren. At the first meeting, they expected a hundred people to show up, over 500 came. With a church boasting of 10,000 members, their program enable participants to lose a combined quarter of a million pounds! 

Here’s just a smattering of what I have learned so far from Food Fix: 1) Fossils fuels are not the main driver of carbon into the atmosphere, it’s fertilizers, by a large order of magnitude. 2) Regenerative farming can save billions of dollars in health care costs. Regenerative farming can be done easily on a small scale and on a large scale would increase the median age by ten years. 3) We like to complain about Big Pharma at times, but Big Ag is dirty politics and reaches far beyond the damage done by Big Pharma! 4) If Big Ag were made to pay for the downstream damage from farming and food malpractice, a steak should cost $1000 a lb and a can a soda would be $100 each. We understand if BP dumps a thousand tons of oil into the Gulf, they need to pay to clean it up. Billions, right? What about Big Ag covering the costs of diabetes and heart attacks? We’re talking trillions of dollars 5) Most Americans eating the standard American diet (SAD) are victims of governmental policies. You think Cheerios are heart healthy, it says so right on the box. The truth is any food that is ultra-processed is not nutrition that can sustain life. These are my opinions gleaned from reading this book.  These are the upshot of my read. My spin. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend getting a copy from the local library. You might have to join a waiting list. 

As I have said many times before junk is junk and food is food. There is a huge difference. Even soy which is derived from a plant has been so manipulated by Monsanto that it’s not biologically food. These meatless burgers are full of pesticides and preservatives, sad to say. Sorry. There is no win in processed foods. I know the evolution of processing food was to preserve the food from field to table but the shelf for most processed foods is years, not weeks or days. If the bacteria won’t eat it, there is a chance we shouldn’t either. I know it does fill the belly and that is a comfort if you are starving. If we have a choice, eat local, eat fresh and eat in peace.

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